“ICONS” Volume 1 is Out Now!

Well, here it is guys, a little taster of my album “ICONS” The hardest part of creating a covers album is narrowing down the song choice – so this is Volume One, there will be more!

Volume One is all about guitar legends, old and new, and how I could pay tribute to the guitarists who have inspired me over the years and shaped my playing style. Thinking long and hard about the song choice, I’ve done my best to find songs that have not only become iconic in both the artist’s history and guitar playing history but that also resonate with me.

We have purposely stuck pretty close to the originals, well they were pretty perfect in the first place! But when it came to the solos, we went to town and had a lot of fun finding tones, picking suitable instruments for the songs, and discovering what array of pedals sounded best in what configuration.

We had a veritable feast of equipment to play with, so why not enjoy the process of finding out what works best! I couldn’t have achieved this without the help and support from Wayne Proctor and Oli Brown and the team at Superfly Studios – thank you so much. I would also like to thank all the artists that have inspired me for this album. I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it!


image of Toby Lee album Icons inside cover

Toby Lee Icons Volume One.

Track List:

1. Green Light Girl 

2. Bright Lights 

3. Blue On Black

4. The Ballad Of John Henry

5. The Wind Cries Mary 

6. Still Rainin’

7. The House Is Rockin’ 

8. Midnight Blues 

9. Hideaway 

10. See The Light 

11. The Bluest Blues 

A House Of Tone and Black Feather Production Produced by Wayne Proctor and Oli Brown.

Mixed and mastered by Wayne Proctor, assisted by Oli Brown at Superfly Studios, UK.

Recorded at Superfly Studios, UK

Engineered by Andrew Banfield, Oli Brown, and Wayne Proctor.